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The easy wormer product has received a variety of very positive feedback from our customers saying how easy wormer has removed the stress caused by traditional worming techniques

Our testimonials show how the easy wormer system makes worming a pleasure even for difficult horses





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Dear VSM,
After purchasing the easy wormer product I am amazed that my horse now accepts wormers via a syringe without the flicker of an ear. Before the easy wormer my mare would not tolerate anyone attempting to insert anything into her mouth other than a bridle, if it was attempted she would react by violently shaking her head! Now Frosty is a pleasure to worm and is the docile character we all know and love. Even novice handlers are able to administer the wormer without stress to human or horse.

In a age where equine practices emphasise the comfort of the horse this is a product that truly does just that.

Miss K France, Doncaster.

Hi Easy-Wormer,
I brought an easy wormer earlier this year - march 2001, because my horse was becoming progressively worse to worm, as soon as a syringe went near his mouth he would shake his head so you couldn't get near or go to the other extreme and try to catch it between his teeth. The final straw was when he bit through the plastic syringe and had a lump of jagged plastic in his mouth.........luckily he didn't swallow it and I managed to retrieve it!

Having tried the easy wormer a couple of times now I am very impressed - I can put 2 syringes of wormer in and I don't think he even realises where the wormer has come from, not big on brains!!!!

I have to say that Easy - Wormer has taken most of the stress out of worming. My horse will now stand still, no head shaking, and although he continuously chews on the plastic bit he takes his wormers thank you for supplying a really helpful product.

Emma May, Hockley, Essex.


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