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How to use Easy Wormer

1/A. Fit EASY WORMER bit in the horse's mouth, making sure that it is firmly in place (showing two wrinkles at the corners of the mouth) adjusting headpiece/strap as necessary using the buckle.

For pastes using applicator syringes supplied by the manufacturer.

2. Remove white plunger from the bit and insert wormer paste/medication syringe fully into the bit, dose the wormer paste or paste medication by depressing the syringe plunger.

3. Remove paste syringe from the bit

4. Replace the white plunger to empty/clear the bit fully into the horses mouth.

To dose liquid preparations - using the specially designed syringe

A. Insert the nozzle of the syringe into the liquid and draw up the required amount using the syringe plunger.

B. Remove the white plunger from the bit and insert the syringe nozzle fully into the bit and depress the plunger to dose the liquid into the horse's mouth in s steady manner.

C. Remove the syringe and replace the white plunger into the bit.

Do's & Don'ts

DO NOT hold or place hand on horses head/nose whilst drenching.

DO hold EASY WORMER whilst in use by the extended bit end only.

DO fit the EASY WORMER and leave in the horse's mouth for a short time before drenching.

DO leave the applicator in the horse's mouth for a few minutes after drenching to ensure paste/liquid has been swallowed.

DO wash all parts of the EASY WORMER bit after use in warm soapy water to remove all traces of paste/liquid etc.

DO NOT put any substance (e.g. molasses) on or into the bit applicator.

DO store EASY WORMER in the bag provided No liability will be accepted in case of a damage drench bit being used or failure to use the drench bit as instructed.

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